Thursday, September 10, 2009

not much going on here

Not much going on here right now, pretty boring actually...I did get a few things quilted this week, no pic's yet. I counted my Project Pink quilts for Heartstrings Yahoo Group and I have 5 left to quilt in various stages of completion. I think I'm going to take them to my quilt group and get a little help finishing them up. I really want them done before October is over!
I am taking quilt frames to Neligh for a show, so if your in Northeast Ne. check it out on Saturday at the Legion Club.
I work Friday and Saturday at the quilt shop, looking forward to that, I miss not being there more than once a week now.....
Kev is taking me away Saturday afternoon, no idea where, just away......he said since we didn't go away for Valentines, our anniversary or anywhere this summer it was time to run off. Heck I didn't think he kept track of holidays or special days, what a softy under that grumpy shell.
I worked on my bedroom yesterday, moving furniture, dusting, sorting. I'm shocked on how much dirt those two dogs bring in!!! I have closets to do yet and hang all my stuff back on the walls. (the Goodwill pile is getting bigger) I have had a problem with the way I wanted it to look for the last year in there so I never finished it. (to much HGTV) I have now decided to make it comfy and use my favorite stuff in there, no showcase room for me! So I have a basket for magazines and books beside my bed, a good reading lamp and a large TV! I am going to hang my wedding pic's on the wall and my old mirror that I want to edge with seashells since the frame got busted up. I will add my grandma's shells to some candle holders left over from graduation decorations for in there too. I piled all my quilts in a basket and set my throw pillows on top of them in a corner, that way I can enjoy the quilts and if I ever want those pillows on the bed they are close and easy to reach. The only thing about moving my room around is that Sadie wouldn't sleep on my side of the room last night, she slept on Kev's side(on his pants he left beside the bed) not sure she's really happy that I threw her favorite pillow away and gave her a clean one.
So today I go set quilt frames and work on closets in my room.............

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Don't feel too bad....I painted my bedroom walls & trim & redid the floor over two yrs. ago and still haven't hung the last picture or put up the oak shelf with the quilt-hanging bar. In the sewing room, also redone over 2yrs. ago, I still have pictures and a shelf I bought god knows how many years ago and have NEVER hung up anywhere!!! I'm a lot better at decorating in my mind than in real life. LOL