Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer's end

Summer is ending, Autumn is in the air today. The fields are turning gold and brown, harvest is starting this week and there is a chill in the air. I love this time of year, love to see the changes in the fields and love to snuggle into a sweater. I am going to miss my sandals(ok I wear them till November usually) and sleeping on the porch in the hammock during thunderstorms at night.
I am not looking forward to hauling beans this year, heck I still have 3 loads of corn to take to town this week!
I am looking forward to having my kitchen cleaned up and canning supplies put away for the year, after 3 buckets of cucumbers today I might be able to do that....
I am also looking forward to finishing up a few Christmas presents I have started, once I get pic's I will show them off here.
I am also looking forward to finally finishing my bedroom, I know I should of had it done two weeks ago but life got in the way...again! I am working on closets today and laundry, ugh!
I am teaching a Turning Twenty workshop next Saturday at work, it's an easy sewing day with tips on how to pick fabric's and how to chain everything so it goes quick! I have two samples made and I love making them because of the different fabrics and speed!
Well I'm gonna get busy..........

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