Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday work

Spent the day getting ready for Fall, this is all the wood we had from last year. It's time to start cutting and stacking again. We have 3 wood stoves at our house and Mike and Lisa have 1 so there is alot of wood to be cut around here.

The guys moved both chicken houses and the new Bee shed. I gave all my rabbits to Kelsey and Helena so after they loaded up all the cages they set the chicken houses where the cages used to be behind the house. Sara is thrilled the rabbits are gone, she is tired of taking care of them.

And last but not least the swing set has found a new home! I am happy to have it out of the yard after 17 years of moving it around. I wonder if Kristin will notice it's gone.......
No quilting around here lately, just some sewing at work. I am getting behind so this week will be catch up in the studio. Now that I found my camera again maybe I'll remember to post some pics....

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