Wednesday, September 30, 2009

whats going on today

Not much is going on today around here, two of the kids are home sick with headaches. I wouldn't be surprised if we all had a touch of something going around. Kev is getting ready to pick beans, he don't need my help yet so I'm going to mess around at home and be ready for a call to the field. I have a lot of quilting to do so after starting laundry and dishes I'm heading out to the studio. I think I need to make a list, write it down and keep myself accountable so here it goes...
  1. customer baby quilt
  2. Roseann's wallhanging #1 and #2
  3. Roseann's flannel quilt
  4. Linda's quilt
  5. Maxine's quilts
  6. Anna's B-day present(her B-day is in December)
  7. Turning Twenty Sample
  8. finish crochet purses

I also need to clean my studio so I can get something done out there, it's always the last thing I want to do so it NEVER gets done..........oh well.....

I work Thursday and Friday this week, and Friday night. Saturday I'm taking Sara to see Kristin and watch the children's play she has been working on. Sunday I head to Co. Bluffs, so today is it for home stuff. OK off I go..........

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