Sunday, November 21, 2010

long week

Here's a pic of the progress on my Brother-in-law Brian's house. They have also installed the beam that goes along the roof line for the vaulted ceiling. Today they are tearing out the last of the old bathroom. I also heard talk of installing the basement windows. I know the wood stove has been set in place also, I will take more pic's later.
Quilt group gave my Mother-in law Wanda a quilt last week. It's been a long summer with all the problems my father-in-law has had and the group wanted her to know they are thinking of her. Linda did a wonderful job of setting and quilting, it really means a lot to me that they thought of Wanda, Thanks Quilt group!

Oh here's a pic of dinner today, ok I made this one a week ago and liked it so much I am making it again today. I heard the recipe on the Splendid Table on NPR. It's Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good. Yeah that's the name of can ya go wrong with bacon, garlic and heavy cream? Oh and cheese!! It's fun to make and yummy too!
I spent the first part of the week in Omaha with my brother, he was in a car accident. He's doing fine now but it was questionalble for awhile. My Mom flew in from Arizona and she stayed in Omaha after Kelsey left with his girlfriend so I will be going to pick her up tomorrow and then swing by Orange City for Kristin. I'm glad they both had flexible schedules so I didn't have to make two trips this week. I am looking forward to seeing Kristin and having my Mom here for Turkey Day.

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