Wednesday, November 3, 2010

work and play

I would like to thank Trish from my Heartstrings group for this little quilt, if you look close you can see Raggedy Ann and Andy. I am going to send this off to a reservation to keep a little one warm this winter.
Here's a couple more heading off this week also, just as soon as I find the "blanket lady" Barb here in town. I took these pic's in my Mom's building, don't ya just love the carpet?

While my Mom was here in October we made matching baby quilts that are now on display at Quilters Candy Shoppe. Hers is the blue and mine is the red. She has a baby to give hers too in December, mine don't have an intended home as of yet..........2 kits of each left at the store.

Last but not least is my favorite, well favorite this week anyway. I had the fabric line and pattern name memorized but my Swiss cheese brain has lost the information........well anyway it's at the shop and soon (when the kits sell) I will bring it home to live in my living room or on the end of my bed or most of the time on the laundry room floor!
I have a Christmas quilt started for the store, it should be done this week or next. I also started a Double Irish Chain in pink and white for my bed. Roseanne is teaching a class and I'm sure the only way I would ever get one done is to be held accountable to her and my fellow classmates. Besides its time for a new quilt in my room AND I'm using stash fabric. ok.... so it will look like a 80's/90's throwback.........yes its almost dusty rose..........but I like it and that's what matters in my little quilty world.

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