Saturday, November 6, 2010

My puppies

This is Samantha and Patches, they are 5 months old now and ready for new homes. Shih-tzu dogs are pretty calm and loving.

Patches is a tri-colored female.

Samantha is a black with white female

They loved to be held, and they love to be outside during the day. I have taken them both for a pick-up ride and they just sit on the seat, no jumping or trying to escape.

Samantha will be like her daddy, hard to get a good picture of because of her color.......their fur is just long enough now to put a bow in (should of done that for the pic!) they love cats and other dogs. Shots are current and vet said no problems with the nose and sinus. They don't bark much and they sleep in the kitchen. They don't shed like a regular dog, it's more like they lose hair like a person so they do need to be groomed twice a year or so. I give baths about every three weeks. I do brush them and they don't seem to mind except for trying to eat the brush.

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