Friday, November 12, 2010

no pictures

This will be a very boring pictures. I am having computer problems and my computer nerd is busy being general contractor on his brother's house. So until something on this thing makes him mad it will be broke, just like the plumber's wife with the broken pipes.....
Tomorrow we go see Kristin and her play she is stage manager for. Looking forward to seeing her, and the play.
I made some crochet squares for charity while watching movies with the kids, yesterday was a total waste of a day-migraine, ugh!!! So after I slept it off I sat in my chair with my fuzzy blankie and some yarn, I am really not very good at granny squares but ya know they say practice makes perfect.
Work today was interesting, I am cutting off 6 inch strips of all the sale fabric so it can be scanned and put on the Internet for sale. I didn't get as far as I would of liked because I was BUSY! Lots of sewers out and about was a good day! I really enjoy customers and helping with their projects.

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