Friday, April 15, 2011

a box from my mom

I started with the center FQ for this baby quilt(sent by Mom). The yellow is brand new at work and I thought it was perfect for a baby quilt. I ended up with a 38x48 quilt. I thought the animals were to big to cut up into smaller blocks and the way they were on the fabric there was no fussy cutting them unless I wanted to applique them onto something. I always like bright baby quilts and this one will go into my stash for gifts or for sale.
Another 10 minute table runner, now I have 5 of them to finish with buttons on the ends. The blue fabric is lighter on the ends, not just my camera making it look that way. Below is a pillow case for Brad, he was complaining that I never bring him cool I thought of him yesterday and made it green to look good with his green bedding.

Mom sent me a box and a package this week, the box was a sewing machine! Now Sara(or Kristin) and I can sew at the same time! The package held some beading supplies and fabric. I collect cat fabric and there was a piece that had names of cats all over it with paw prints in olive green and black. THEN..........DOG FABRIC! It makes me giggle to think of my mom sending me dog fabric, I really do love it and to prove it I used some of it yesterday. It was fun making things with it and I have plans for more of it but ran out of time.

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