Friday, April 15, 2011

little project

I found this metal hamper at a thrift store last week. $3 bucks for the hamper and $4 for the paint. I really thought about keeping it for my room but the berry pink paint screamed SARA so she is the lucky girl who got a new hamper for her room.
When she got home from school I handed her the glue gun and told her to jazz it up with the plastic stones. She calls it bejeweling..........I call it funny! I sat outside with her and chrocheted scrubbies and enjoyed the weather. Oh and played with the dogs too. (also painted a metal shelf that you can see behind the hamper, she bejeweled it also)
And here's the finished project, for $7 she has a new personalized hamper that looks cool in her room and the best part is we did it together.

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