Wednesday, April 13, 2011

long week

I wanted something similar to the color of the necklace in the middle(my mom's from the 70's, she had rockin' style) but a bit longer and more eclectic, so I strung the cream and gold beads two lengths and attached them to a gold chain I found in mom's stash. Also made small drop earrings and a bracelet. Not sure if I'm done with this one yet, might add a pin of some kind to the side where it connects to the chain and maybe some ribbon or something........just not sure.
Found this cool pink bead in mom's box(yes I love her box of stash beads and jewelry) and it spoke Spring to me so Sara and I dug thru a bowl of mixed beads and found silver to string the pink bead with. I made it short, 16-17 inches so it fits close to the neck and added the extender to made it just a bit longer if needed, also like the extender hanging down the back now that I have short hair.
Quilt group last night was fun, we worked on chairty quilts and Anita got this one pieced and ready to quilt so now I have to get busy! We also gave a quilt to Linda P. to deliver to a gal she knows who is sick and in the rest home with cancer. Sandy took a baby quilt to give to her friend who's baby was born with some facial problems. It's always nice to give them away when needed.
This is my latest sample for work, oh I can't wait till all the kits sell and I can take it home!!!!
Josh had a good time at prom, and everyone look....he's smiling!

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