Tuesday, April 19, 2011

look what I found...

I found these in the laundry room...........momma cat had them in this basket turned sideways in the corner so they were caged in. I moved them into a dog crate and momma sleeps in there with them during the night. This weekend I am taking them to my friend Al's house so they can be barn cats. It's so much fun watching them and the puppies together.

Sara is excited to play with her new machine from Mom. I picked up a few 4 inch squares from a garage sale over the weekend. The 4 inch ruler was included in the sale too.

Also picked up some jewelery at the garage sale, it was fun to add to my collection. I am going to tear apart a few things and remake them........like the ladybug pin......the heart key chain...maybe the gold circle necklace....and the hoop earrings I'm just going to wear. I love hoops and its fun to wear a different pair everyday. (for $.25 each I can afford to change it up)

I finally put binding on some quilts! These two are Heartstrings quilts, the top one was sent to me to finish and the bottom one is a Project Pink from a few years ago, I am so close to finishing that project.....whew! Not sure where they will end up or how soon they will be given away as I'm trying to get things pulled together for graduation and Easter.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

When I saw that ladybug pin my first thought was, "Luanne."