Saturday, August 24, 2013

Border Print Tablerunners

 A couple weeks ago my Mom agreed to help me with this project, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.......I am showing pic's of 25 out of 30 tablerunners she helped me complete in 3 days. I gave a little demo at quilt group on how to make these with the wedge ruler and they were great fun, that is if you only make one at a time. After group I had lots of left over fabrics. Soooooo I cut them ALL out, Mom started sewing the tops together, I ironed and pinned, she stitched around them and I turned and pinned them so she could quilt them. Now we did take turns sewing and ironing when her back would act up or one of us would have to get up and move around and stretch a bit.
 I must admit I bought a lot of fabric but it takes a lot to get one runner, why not cut the leftover up and make more runners?
 I love this pink runner with fruity drinks on it.
 Oh and who don't need a Birthday runner?
 Roses are always good with blues and golds.
 Angels and birds?
 Rodeo fabric is really popular too.

 Laurel Burch Christmas is outstanding, love the rich colors.
 Didn't think I liked the earth fabric but made up into runners I really am pleased with the way they turned out.
Oh the most likes at the craft  show was the western runners. Cowgirls like anything western and these really are cute.

My Mom promises to hit me if I suggest making more runners............but I'm sure if I would of bought the fabric she  showed me at the shop in Norfolk she would of made "just a few more" with me.......

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You're really INTO those table runners!! I like the western one too. Maybe it's the colors because I'm sure not a cowgirl.