Sunday, August 25, 2013

Craft Show

 Two more runners finished before the show at the beginning of August. The pink one was a sample for a kit I made for work. The Grinch runner and it's  longer twin runner are leftovers from my Grinch scarf my Mom made for me last Christmas. I like the Grinch until he gets a large heart, then he's just no fun at all!
 Well here's a stack of hotpads all ready to go, my Mom did the binding on them for me.
 She thinks I just like to run fabric thru the machine, I think she's right. Who doesn't like mini quilts?
 ( Maybe I like to keep her busy binding too!)
Well the craft show went ok, it would of been better with more traffic but a crafter never knows what to expect at a show. Mom and Sara did the show for me and I'm really glad they could because I went to a quilt show in South Dakota  to vend for work that day. I guess we will do a few more shows this Fall, have plenty of inventory! (or lots of gifts)

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