Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cross body bags

 I made this little bag for myself last week. I wanted something I could wear while shopping that would be hands free. It's 8 by 11 inches with a front pocket for my cell phone and a zip top. I added a LONG strap. Being a large girl I wanted something that didn't cut me in half when I wore it or anything to heavy to drag along the body in weird ways. I used regular interfacing to keep it lightweight and loops to add the strap, or hook keys to if I don't have room in the bag for them. This fabric came into the Shoppe awhile back and I fell in love. It took me a long time to decide if I wanted it for anything. I wear a lot  of brown and it looks so cute with my coral summer t-shirt too. I keep my BIG purse in my car and this one fits inside if I think I need to carry both. My chiropractor advised me to give up the BIG purse in favor of my neck and spine health.
Mom and I made these the other day, she found the fabric and thought it would be perfect for a friend of hers. I like these bags and I know there are more in my future!

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