Monday, August 5, 2013


 Once in awhile I do something for myself, this pajama set has been in my to-do box for a year or so now. I learned a lot doing these bugs, need more stabilizer, don't run out of bobbin thread, placement of hoop over seam.......oh and I love red on pink!
Just a shot of some more playing with my machine. The pink square is done with variegated thread. The chickens will turn into hot pads, should of done them in rust or brown, I have no chicken fabric with dark blue........
  I'm getting ready for a craft show in Chambers Nebraska during the Holt Co. Fair on August 10th at the Community Center. Sara will be selling her little heart out for me while I go to work for a couple hours in the middle of the show. My mom is helping me finish a lot of UFO's this week, she's great for motivating me and the best "Binding Fairy" ever!

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