Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sneak peak

 This is my very first Monster, he's not finished yet. I got a new embroidery  disk with 25 different little guys on it. Oh how much fun these are going to be!
 Sample for baby bibs. I don't have a big enough hoop to do  the bibs the way it shows on the pattern but Mom had a basic pattern that was the perfect size so I'm good to go on bibs.
I got two balls of this cotton yarn on sale a few weeks ago, they made 6 dish cloths in Halloween colors. Gonna have to find my pattern if I want flat cloths, mine seem to have a bit of a ruffle, except for the last one I made, shown on the left. I made them all in one day, in the car before the quilt show, at the show and sitting in my chair with my feet up at home after the show. I hope to make hotpads and dish towels to match the Halloween theme.

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