Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm tired of corn, my hand hurts and my fingernails are weak from all the water. Don and I picked a half of a small pickup load yesterday, this morning Mom woke me up before 9:30 and we shucked it all. She left after 2 hours and I hauled it into the house and started cleaning and cutting. Brad and Sara had to help me finish it this evening. There is 17 bags of corn on the cob (10 ears in each bag) and 20 quart bags of cut corn. My mother-in-law always said put up enough for a year, a bag a week. I think I have 52 bags around here in 3 different freezers. I am sending some of the ear corn to Dawn's, her family loves it and I'm going to need the freezer room for other things. I'm stocking up for winter, got the foraging urge. Now if I can get to the green beans, tomato's and pears......

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