Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Green for Guys

Green for Guys is the theme this month for Heartstrings Yahoo Group. I love when they have themes for string projects, it gets me motivated to do a few blocks and send off to the 'block mom'. I love this group in that no matter what your skill level is or what amount of time or resources you have you can help and make a difference. This month they are collecting string blocks with green centers. Keeping in mind that these quilts will be sort of masculine I kept the flowers out of my blocks for the most part and only slipped a little pink in. I got 8 blocks done and they are on the way to Minnesota!

1 comment:

Mary said...

I like these green centered blocks a lot but your Christmas string blocks look great too!

I have 20 blocks done and can't decide whether to keep them and make enough for a quilt or send them on to Sue for group quilts.