Friday, September 5, 2008

Husker Schlep Bag

This is my Husker Schelp Bag, I used Kristin's old jeans and Husker fabric meant for the back of a quilt. I didn't have any black so the one side is really busy with just the two different Husker fabric's. I will carry it with the denim on the outside , I like that side better I think. I used 6" squares so it's tote bag size. I thought since I work every Saturday during the game I could make a bag to carry and be supportive of the Husker's.
I am really happy with the way these pic's turned out, I think this will be my new pic taking spot in front of the Locust tree beside the house. I took pic's of the bags inside and then deleted them when I saw them on the computer, I didn't need a pic of the back of my door and the cobweb there reminding me to clean house more often.
Sara, Mom and I set up quilt frames in Neligh tonight, I took a few quilts and Sara took her Halloween quilt. I think they will have a nice show and I will head back tomorrow evening to pick up the frames. Don't think I will make it to the show itself, working in the middle of the day kind of puts a halt to running off to a quilt/craft show.

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