Thursday, September 4, 2008


Tonight I am quilting for other people. I have the wedding quilt for next weekend done and soon will be doing the machine binding. I have another one for the same gal so I will probably do that tomorrow and deliver them both at the same time. I think I will put the second quilt in the frame tonight so it's ready in the morning, maybe I will be inspired to do it early that way. I am also working on one of the baby quilts I made a pattern for, testing the results again. This time it's fire trucks for a boy quilt. I went to my favorite quilt shop today and wandered around, not much new besides some cat print in the sale room I didn't buy........I'm thinking a trip back next week to get some will be in order. I know mom would go with me some morning if I actually get around to going. I put up quilt frames in Neligh tomorrow night and work Saturday at the bar during the Nebraska game, that should be interesting.......I'm not a big football fan so it won't be hard for me to work thru the game. Ok back to the studio to finish that baby quilt.

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