Monday, April 6, 2009

Grandma's house

We finished packing up Grandma's house Sunday. Well we took what we wanted and left the rest for my Uncle to have a garage sale or to keep himself. I found a few things I wanted to keep that I remembered from my childhood and a few things I could use in everyday life. I'm sure I will blog about some of it in the next few weeks. It went very well and the three of us, my mom, my aunt and I agreed on everything and split things up fairly. I did bring home quilts, some mom and I made for her and some from the 50's that grandma and great grandma had made(those are cutter quilts and will be turned into pillows, framed blocks,etc.) I do also have a garbage bag full of linen's that I have to wash and sort.
My grandpa built the house as a garage to start with, when my grandma got sick they moved into it and paid on hospital bills instead of building the house that they had planned. My grandma had experimental brain surgery in 1958. I remember sleeping in grandpa's bed beside the garage door (it was where the picture window is now on the left side of the pic) and my uncles slept on the porch. The church next door bought the property and they plan on keeping the house for awhile to house visiting missionaries and ministers.

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