Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a few things

I started cleaning out my truck tonight, unloaded some stuff at moms house and this is only a few things I grabbed on the way in the house. Someone made the hotpads for my grandma and I found them in the bedroom drawer so they must of meant something to her.
Sara is all about the cooking ya know...this is what she picked out. Got to share the story behind this blue bowl. Saturday morning we got to Co. Bluffs early and took Sara out to Gordmans to waste a little time, while going thru the housewares she sees brown/grey/orange speckled bowls by Rachel Ray. Sara tells me the whole story about the 'garbage bowl' and how she'd like to have one. Well I took one look at the price and told her to look in grandma's cupboard for a bowl. I told her I remembered almost the same thing from when I was a kid. Look what we found when we got there and opened the cupboard doors.....there is very subtle speckles of darker blue in the bowl. Sara thinks its cool to have her very own Rachel Ray look alike bowl and she thinks its really cool that she found it at her grandma's house.
I am up with my cat tonight having kittens, she is just starting to go into labor. I knew something was up when she picked a fight with my Sammy my dog. So I'm going to babysit the cat for awhile and count babies.

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