Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Sara made cookie's on Saturday and decorated them while I napped before work. I think her frosting turned out interesting considering it was pink to start with.
Sunday morning Sara helped me with Easter bowls, the Easter Bunny came home sick from work last night so she didn't get baskets made up ahead of time. Sara is the new official Bunny helper. I think she enjoyed it, I do miss them not believing anymore.......

Sara got a new dress for Easter and she wore her bracelet that my Uncle Danny gave her. He told her that my Uncle Charlie brought it back from Mexico and it is spun silver. She likes it and is happy that he gave it to her. I stayed home from Easter dinner today, didn't want to share my germs with everyone if I wasn't over being sick. I do feel pretty good now so I'm going to work in a few minutes. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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