Monday, April 6, 2009

Snow and Mud

Well that was quite a storm I missed by going to Co. Bluffs over the weekend. This is my cute little red truck after 9 miles of mud and slush. I stopped and took a pic by the drift that was plowed twice yesterday and twice again today. The dang thing keeps filling with snow and I'm sure it will have to be plowed again in the morning! Sara and I thought about staying with Mom last night but Kev had been out about an hour before we got home and he told us to head on home but hurry up before the drift closed up, we almost had to walk a half a mile.....ugh!!! The kids had late start and Josh missed his assessment tests in Norfolk because him and Kev got stuck at 6a.m. I don't think he was to worried about it but he's really a good student in computer stuff and I hated to see him miss those tests. I'm hoping this will be the last blast from winter!

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