Wednesday, April 29, 2009

little bit of everything...

Kristin made this quilt a few years ago, never finished binding it so I serged the sides and now it lives in my truck. We call it Cosmic Cherries and it's made from double knit polyester backed with t-shirt knit. I need something tough to live in my truck that's warm and I can't think of anything tougher than double knit!

My mom is out to save the world from plastic bags, on her trip to Arizona she saw the landscape littered with plastic bags and wants to do her part to clean up. I made her Earth Day presents. Two light weight totes to replace plastic whenever possible.

Another little boy baby quilt has been created this week. I got the blocks in a drawing and they didn't match the other 8 so I started building and this is what I came up with, nothing to fancy but the green fabric is soooooooo cute! I did a little custom quilting on it also, (I did say a LITTLE so don't look to close) I need to practice it more often so small quilts are perfect for practicing on.

This is a quilt that mom brought back from AZ. to be quilted for her friend Linda. She made it for a gal who is expecting their first baby this month. I think it's rather a pleasing effect with the floral fabrics. It's now on the way back to AZ.
I have had a busy week....more pic's to follow....

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