Tuesday, April 7, 2009

old and new

This is a new project, I am making a T-shirt quilt for Adam who graduates this year. I used to babysit him and his brothers and sister 8-10 years ago. He is quite an athlete! I got the center sewn up tonight before I quit, just 12 blocks so it won't take long to sew up the top. I have to have it done this month because he graduates early May.

This is an old project, thought I would quilt it while I have pinkie/peach thread in the machine. Sorry the pic is sideways, seems to be the story of my life....always a little off kilter. I got this quilt kit awhile ago(OK years ago) and finally got around to finishing it. I think it will wait for the binding fairy to return.............
I am getting quite a stack of baby quilts built up here, I think I have a compulsion to make them. Maybe it's a sickness, all I know is that no baby I know will ever be cold!

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