Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nice weather

Today is sunny and clear, big change from the last week or so. I guess it's back to picking corn today, I sure will be glad when we're done! I've been working the last two days and I'm getting worn down, today won't help I'm sure. I love my job at Quilter's Candy Shoppe, its great to play with fabric and help people pick and choose when they need it. Had a very nice lady in yesterday who was wanting to match some pink floral she was given, we changed the pattern from a green quilt to a pink and tan quilt and it's gonna be really pretty when she's done and just a tad more modern than the 80's mauve and mint.........hehehe! I got really busy in the afternoon and it was great, I ended up putting over 30 bolts of fabric away after closing time.

Sara will be hosting Thanksgiving this year so I have been collecting recipes for her for the basic things we all just 'know' how to make, today it was mashed potato's. I think she is really looking forward to cooking and such, I'm not looking forward to cleaning house though! This is a fun blog and most of the stuff sounds really good, I get a kick out of what the gal's kids will and won't eat, sounds like my house!

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