Thursday, November 27, 2008


Who has time to blog on Turkey day? I do when I'm in between coloring my hair and making scalloped corn (ok I'm not making it, I'm supervising) Sara is collecting ingredients as I type. Things are going pretty good besides not being able to yank the neck out of the turkey this morning, good thing Kev was around to help. The veggies were chopped last night and the dips made. Stuffing is in the crock pot and the wassail is on to simmer. Potato's peeled and gravy 'stuff' is boiled. Kristin mopped the floor and the extra dishes are washed. I'm going to go wash the color out of my hair as soon as my brother gets out of my shower and maybe even have time to have Kristin highlight it..........ok that might wait till after dinner. I work tonight at the bar, I think all the out of town people will be drinking tonight, tired of hanging out with family kind of thing......who knows, if I'm slow I'm decorating the Christmas tree.

I work at the Quilters Candy Shoppe Friday and Saturday, I'm hoping to be busy! I hung the new sample quilts Tuesday because I didn't want Roseann climbing the ladder. I'm looking forward to the holiday season there.

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