Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures of sewing?

I can't find my pic's I took of my latest interrupted and don't think they got saved after I downloaded them.....hmmm guess I will have to make the projects pose again, hehehe! Sara is going to the Zoo in Omaha tomorrow with her class and she is taking my camera. Now she has a wonderful camera that she got for Christmas but I don't know how to take the pic's off of it and Kev was working so I just gave her mine, after I deleted the pic's on it, oh well it's not that hard to retake them, just can't show them off on here tonight. I have been busy working on Christmas things, nothing I'm going into detail about though. I'm on tractor break because of the weather, there is a dusting of snow on my studio deck, just about slid off the steps because of the rain we had before the snow, gotta love the ice! Tomorrow is another sewing day, I will do a few paid jobs and maybe some more presents....

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