Thursday, November 13, 2008

whats going on today...

Today I am working off a smoke headache(spent to much time at the bar last night working) so I decided to make up a list of things for my kids to write about at Thanksgiving. A few years ago we had a book about Christmas and it was full of questions, really made a person think about things and what to be thankful for and memories and such. So I thought with Kristin being home it would be a good time to repeat the fun. (did I mention they loved it the first time but were 5 years younger?) My topic is Reasons you are Rich. I think it will be a good Thanksgiving writing.
The last two days have been very productive, 5 quilts for other people have been quilted! Whooohoooo!!! Only 8 or 10 to go...........ugh!!!! I did quilt the cutest Husker quilt though, loved the red and white. Today I will do the black and red quilt, that way I don't have to change thread in the machine, then on to blue thread.....then black....then I think I better get moving!!!

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